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Feeling Trapped or Unfulfilled in Your Corporate Job?

Feeling trapped in soul-crushing job?
Contemplated a business idea of your own?
Can’t afford to quit your job and need to learn how to deal better until you retire?

You don’t need to figure this out alone! As a 20-year entrepreneur, corporate President, and business coach, not only have I experienced all of the above, I’ve helped others mustering up the courage to start their own businesses; modify business models for maximum return; and even simply helped them find a way to enjoy where they are until they retire.

Listen, here’s what I do know. Life is too short to spend it doing things that crush your spirit, or slowly suck the life out of you. Yes, I know, not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur, but I also know many can be one with the right support structure in place.

Maybe your executive position keeps you from watching your kids grow up.
Perhaps you’ve lost the drive to fight the “system” and just want an easier and simpler lifestyle.
Or maybe your health is suffering and you think that it’ll just get better over time.

Is your current path worth the price you are paying? Be honest.

If not, let’s have a talk. Perhaps one short conversation will set you straight and you’ll be ready to go on your merry way. However, maybe you’ll be inspired to actually shift course in a more dramatic way, and discover that life really can be of your own design.

She ENTIRELY CHANGED MY LIFE! When I met Alison, I was in a job that was killing me from the inside out – stressful and emotionally and physically draining. I wanted to get out but didn’t see how, given the lack of high-paying CFO jobs in the area. Alison not only showed me that there were other possibilities out there, she convinced me that I could actually pull off running my own business! It’s been a whirlwind year and I’ve been happier than I can remember. Oh, and the kids and hubby are eternally grateful to her for pulling me out of the “dark place” my previous company had me in.

So, no big deal – just life altering. You know, your everyday, run-of-the-mill stuff.

Claudine Francois

CEO/CFO, The CFO Equation

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