I was having a chat with a friend who helps professionals and entrepreneurs put systems in place to make their businesses run smoother and their lives much easier.  We were talking about those people who know that if they were to change something specific, things would be easier – but they don’t.

For example:  the coach who still uses outdated software tools to communicate with her followers.  The software doesn’t do what needs to be done for the business owner to operate in a way that flows. It interferes with her work.  It drops people from calls and webinars, and makes the coach highly frustrated.  When asked why she doesn’t make a change to a newer, more customary system, the response is:  “I know.  I gotta figure that out.”

Well guess what.  There’s nothing to figure out.  She knows that what she has does not serve her or her clients at the level they need or deserve.  She knows there is a replacement.  She decides to stay in the spin cycle of:  “I know.  I gotta figure that out.”

She may be thinking that it will cost too much to shift to a new, updated solution.  She may be too tired to deal with it or too busy.   But here’s the thing:  the inadequate technology is costing her clients and potential clients.  It’s also likely going to diminish her value.  It will communicate that her clients are not worth it and the long-term impact will not be positive.

How many of us say to ourselves, “I know.  I gotta figure that out”, when in fact, we know the answer but instead choose to stay in that spin cycle of avoidance and denial — never changing, only spinning.   I would suspect many of us have something in that category.

Today, invite you to bring something to mind that has you in the spin cycle.  Be brave.  What is something that, if resolved, would:  drop your stress levels significantly; upgrade your presence or influence with your tribe or customers; make you feel powerful because you handled something that has been dogging you for way too long?  What needs to be done to resolve it?  Write it down.  Make a plan to handle it – now.

Next, get an accountability partner to hold your feet to the fire — give them permission.  Why?   Because you haven’t done it to this point, and the extra level of accountability may be that extra bit of support it takes to see it through.  Let them know the best way to hold you accountable.  Is it financial (if you don’t do it, you have to pay someone an amount of money that hurts)?  Is it a weekly check in on the steps to handle the issue?  Is it an ice cream cone once it’s done?  You pick what will motivate you.  Then go for it.  Move yourself from the spin cycle to “complete”.  I promise it will be worth it!

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