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How I See It

I have spent almost 20 years as Co-Founder and President of a technology company that my husband, Jon, and I started from a spare bedroom with no money and turned into a million dollar plus enterprise in just a few short years. As you can imagine, many, many lessons were learned throughout this journey as we pioneered and participated in the launch of an entire industry; raised money; obtained patents and trademarks; quickly and repeatedly scaled infrastructure to meet rapidly increasing demands; ramped up from 2 to 35 employees; worked with and battled billion dollar vendors, unscrupulous employees and consultants; launched two billion dollar markets within our industry; survived the dotcom crash – and life-threatening health events; reinvented ourselves and downsized; and still operate today with new patented technology that is positioned for a new market segment.

With all that said, here is what I know for sure: while entrepreneurialism and business ownership is a journey filled with exciting optimism, it is also loaded with contradictions of fear and faith, hope and despair, boldness and uncertainty, persistence and giving up, freedom and slavery (to the business), laughter and tears, successes and failures. As a proud entrepreneur, my desire now is to take what I have learned, combined with formal training as a coach from Coach University, and offer strategic business coaching services to those who want a strong, experienced sounding board and advisor for their success journey.

My style is direct, pragmatic, compassionate, creative, insightful, grounded and encouraging. I work well with high achievers who are ready to invest in themselves and their businesses and who want to play a bigger game in life.

Some examples of the kind of people I help are:
• New entrepreneurs or business owners who want to maximize their chances of success by having an experienced, successful advisor to guide them on their personal journey from start up to thriving enterprise.
• Existing business owners (startup to 5 years old) who are tired of struggling and want more ease, less drama, and higher profitability in their business.
• High-achieving professional women who are tired of others – and life in general – “running them” and instead want more stable, self-directed, meaningful lives, in addition to having more money.
• Busy professionals (accountants, lawyers, dentists, etc.) who are so busy providing their services that they’re ignoring (or afraid of facing) some business challenges that need to be addressed for them to really function optimally with a healthy, smooth-running practice that affords them time and financial reserves.
• Business owners, Presidents or CEO’s of small companies (50 or less employees) who are facing moderate to “unthinkable” challenges that keep them up at night and would long for discreet person to talk with who has “been there” and can be a sounding board and a creative problem solver as needed.
• Business owners or Human Resources professionals who are tired of workplace drama and minimal effort and want a high-functioning, respectful, more responsible team.

I have a limited number of clients I work with privately in order to give proper attention, and I am offering 20-minute complimentary strategy sessions to see if I may have a fit with those who wish to explore this service.

Thank you for your time, attention and consideration of my services. Please do not hesitate to call me with any questions or comments you may have.

Private Business Success Coaching

1:1 Private coaching to help you: make more money, get the respect you deserve, and be a leader worth following. Perfect for clients looking for that extra level of attention and service. Half and full VIP Days are also available.

Digital Marketing & Sales Funnels

Sales & Marketing Funnels by a Clickfunnels Certified Partner; Membership Sites; strategies and tactics to make you stand out in your marketspace.

Consulting, Facilitation & Workshops

Hitting a wall with your team? Need a discreet soundboard for a big challenge? Taking your business to the next level and want to make sure you’re planning for long term stability? Let’s talk. In addition to my business experience, I have spent many years in adult education/training, group facilitation and business process reengineering.

Corporate/Professional Women

If you’re starting a new business and are coming from being an “employee” at any level, business coaching is a smart move to shorten your learning curve. Business ownership is NOT the same, and women often benefit well from having a support structure that facilities greater stability and peace of mind.

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