I was having a conversation today with a relatively new entrepreneur who was talking about her challenge with getting her name out there so people could find her and her business.

She had a website designed for free by some students, but she still had to go find and set up her hosting, and was balking at it.  When I asked her why, she said she knew it was her internal resistance and fear of being seen.

While we began to discuss that part, it occurred to me that I see this a lot – talented women who, because they are in startup mode, do everything “on the cheap”.  After all, why not take the opportunity for free help?  When you are in startup mode, it makes sense to be frugal and invest your money wisely, and when you’re bootstrapping, often times, funds are really tight.

That being said, the downside of doing things on the cheap is this:  often times, “free” means either almost done, not done well, or not complete – especially when it comes to technology and a presence online.  For this person, her business is visual — it’s interior design — so her visual presence IS important.

So she has two issues at play that are keeping her stuck:  an unfinished website project, and the fear of launching it, so she doesn’t follow through and finish the very thing that can help her get visibility and new clients.

What could she do to break the self-sabotage cycle?  Respect herself and her business by investing in professional help who can finalize the missing pieces of her site to take it to launch; and a marketing plan and done-for-her service so she can increase her odds of new business and referrals, while she works on expanding her ability to feel “worthy” and receptive to new business.  This is a person who is committed to personal growth, so this way she creates and leverages a process to move her forward in spite of herself.

Where do you sabotage yourself?  Is there something you can invest in that will help you break through that barrier?  Can you create a system or structure to move you forward “in spite of yourself”?

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