As a manager for a very dynamic defense company, I found that the stress can build over time and become overwhelming with the amount of work, the pressure and the sheer volume of work.

I was extremely fortunate to work with Alison who has really helped me put my work life in perspective.   At the time that I started working with her, the company was in the midst of moving a very large program from one location to another and hiring new people to fill the vacancies left by people who chose not to move. I was responsible for hiring personnel, for consolidating 30 years’ worth of paper data with only weeks to accomplish, archive and/or pack to move to the new location. I found myself exhausted, depressed and focusing on the negatives of the job and not looking forward to going to work every day.

Alison helped me with getting massive results quickly by sharing with me skills to help me manage not only my workload, but my employees.  She also helped me understand that I needed to make myself a priority in order to start on the right path. Her encouragement allowed me to dig deep within myself to understand what my obstacles were and she gave me the tools to be able to move forward.

Alison has a very natural, easygoing manner and put me at ease immediately. She listened intently and was quickly able to assess where I was and helped me make a few small changes every meeting that has allowed me to enjoy my work life again. She is a great motivator and her encouragement has allowed me to acknowledge that it is OK to make myself important. I look forward to talking to Alison and I know after every session, I have a smile on my face for days.

I highly recommend Alison to anyone looking for a coach as she creates a very positive, nurturing and common-sense space to support your personal and professional development.

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