The Civility Code™ comprises 8 “touchstones of civility” that serve as the foundation for courageous and respectful communication and promote integrity-based ways of being.   Going deeper than “manners” or propriety, this message of civility is critical for today’s culture at every level and provides real world examples of its effective implementation – and consequences of its absence — particularly in business.

From keynote presentations, to leadership training based on these principles, you and/or your team can learn how to effectively communicate and “show up” for yourselves, each other, your workplace, and beyond.  The principles benefit leaders and employees at all levels and will give them tools for business and life satisfaction for years to come.  If implemented, they give your company a culture of more respect, responsibility and efficiency, which in turn can lead to a lower number of  HR-related issues, higher profitability, and an overall more enjoyable experience at work.


Topics on The Civility Code™ can be offered in 30-60 minutes keynote speeches or workshop formats in 3, 6 or two 4-hour segments. Monthly group and individual coaching programs and services around this topic are also available.

The Civility Code™:  How to Create More Respectful and Responsible Relationships at Work, at Home and in Everyday Life.   

In an age of technology saturation, stress-filled lives, economic uncertainty and worldwide unrest, the ability to effectively communicate in ways that promote respect and demonstrate responsibility is critical to individual and collective success.  Learn how 8 “touchstones” of civility can transform your family, work and social relationships, and why it is critical to our freedom and survival that we reclaim what was once a strategic “pillar” of our country’s foundation.

Leading with Civility:  8 Touchstones to Inspire Respect & Cooperation During Challenging Times

This session focuses on the ability to effectively lead in ways that promote respect, demonstrate responsibility, and inspire confidence.   Learn how the Civility Code™ can help you get the respect you deserve, and transform your organization and personal relationships to create more ease, cooperation and profitability.


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